How to create a WordPress website in 2020

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Are you looking for WordPress website tutorial that you can follow and make a great website all by yourself? Well in this article I’ll try to explain everything from the beginning for making a WordPress website step by step.

Before making any website first thing to consider is about the niche. In which niche are you comfortable to write an article and going to start a blog.

What is a Niche?

Niche is a small segment of market. For example: if you’re a fitness instructor you can write about workout, diet and healthy living. Similarly, if you are passionate about Dogs, you can write about different breed of dogs, dogs’ food and so on.

Once you are clear about the niche, next thing to do is buying a great domain name.

Domain name is just the name of your website. For example ( is a domain name for Facebook, ( is a domain name for google.

So, let’s say you want to start a blog in fitness, what I suggest you to do is buying a domain name that has some fitness keyword in your domain and should be less than 15 character.

For example: you can choose like or,

Note: you can choose any extension you like such as: .com, .in, .org, .net. but the most used extension worldwide is .com so its better you go with same.

Once you choose the domain name for your blog, next thing to do is check the availability of that domain. There might be chances that the domain you’ve chosen is already taken by someone else.

You can check the availability of your domain name from different domain name providers. The one that we are going to check today is Godaddy.

Type your domain name in above search bar and click the search icon. If it is available it will show like this. Then click the continue to cart button and follow the procedure.

If it is not available then it will show “its taken”. Try with some other combinations.

Now the third step is buying a powerful hosting for your website.

What is Hosting?

In simple language a web hosting is a service where you store your website files in a server so that it would be accessible throughout the world via World Wide Web(www).

The one that I recommend is Site ground. Because it has awesome speed and tremendous support.

As a beginner you can choose their StartUp plan. Once your blog starts getting good amount of traffic then you can move to GrowBig or GoGeek according to the requirements.

Once domain and hosting are ready then the 4th step is pointing your nameserver.

How to point the Nameserver?

When you buy the hosting, you’ll get a confirmation email from site ground where they have given you the nameserver or else you can even find your nameserver when you login to site ground.

After you got your nameserver , login to your Godaddy account.

Click on DNS

In the Nameservers section, click Change

Paste your nameserver and save the changes.

It might take upto 48 hours to fully propagate nameserver changes, but in most of the cases it will only take an hour.

How to install WordPress and find my Nameserver?

First of all, Congratulations.

Now you are in the last step of making your WordPress website site on your own.

Login to your site ground account.

Click on Websites (top left corner)

Click on NEW WEBSITE (top right corner)

Select Existing Domain

Enter your domain name and click Continue. After that this pop up appears on your screen

“The domain you wish to use is not registered in your SiteGround account. You should make sure that you have access to this domain in order to update its DNS settings after your site is created, or your site won’t open. To proceed with this domain, click CONTINUE again.”

Click Continue

 select Start New Website

select WordPress on the bottom left corner.

In Installation details, type the email address and password for your website and click Continue.

Note down the Username & Password somewhere because you will need them while login to your wordpress dashboard.

This is the login email and password for your new website WordPress dashboard.

Click finish

That’s all. A big congratulations to you for successfully installing a brand-new WordPress website for yourself.

But wait? How can I access my WordPress website?

Its very easy to access the backend of your WordPress website. All you have to do is, open any web browser you want. Be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or even Microsoft Edge as well.

And type your website name/wp-admin

For example: If you buy

To access your WordPress dashboard. type

Now type the Username & Password which you create earlier while installing your WordPress and login.

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