Digital Marketing In Nepal & Its Advantages

Digital Marketing in Nepal

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Due to the necessity of using the internet as a marketing tool in today’s world, digital marketing has become increasingly popular in Nepal and all around the world.

Digital marketing in Nepal is growing continuously every year.

The digital terrain is evolving, fast. Mainly because of all digital technologies. Now a days its very easy for people to get their desired information through digital platforms.

Consumer purchase behavior these days is highly influenced by digital marketing as before buying things people these days check the reviews and price comparison and then only purchase things.

So there is huge opportunity for business to take this advantage by helping out people to choose their desired things and convert them as a potential buyer.


Source: Statusbrew

The rise of Digital marketing in Nepal

Now a days People spend less time on Traditional medias like TVs, radio & newspaper, and more time on the Web, apps and messaging.

When compared traditional marketing to digital marketing it has become less result oriented and difficult to track but when you advertise your business in facebook or any other digital medias you will be presented with the detailed stats about how many people you’ve reached and how many times your ad appears in their homepage.

The number of internet users is growing continuously in Nepal and people spend most of their time on mobile phones instead of Tv so there is no doubt that Digital Marketing is growing tremendously and has ocean of opportunities for business house.

Lots of companies in Nepal are considering social media marketing as an effective means to promote products and services on low budgets. Because when they have to choose traditional marketing like hoarding board and newspaper ads they have to pay a hefty amount of money and the ROI is not satisfactory.

So lot of business house has already moved their marketing to digital medias.

Why brands are spending so much on digital medias? And why this rise will continue at a greater scale for the coming decades?

Because it is difficult for business to track return on investment with putting a hoarding board in busy streets and its easy to track by shifting into digital medias.

Right now digital marketing in Nepal is still in initial or growing stage so business house has huge opportunities for growing their business.

Our Digital Marketing Process

Keyword Research

Keyword research provides detailed insights into the competitors, understand customers’ pain points & preferences, latest market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic shifts, and demographics. That’s why smart business owners never underestimate keyword research and leverage it to creative effective strategies. We will help you gather a list of products or services people desperately need and will pay money for.

Don’t miss out:

As term itself defines keywords, i.e. key towards success.

But the key is to find the quality keywords, basically keywords are building blocks of your business.

There are various tools to find keywords related to your business, most of the time you may have missed out, means do not rely on specific sites for keywords research or you may think the keyword you have chosen for your business is best to sell your products, most of the time it may be and may not be.

Why keyword research?

For any kind of business, you need to identify who you’re marketing to. The marketing strategy may be digital or not but knowing the customers need, planning on what you can provide to make them your consumers should be your business strategy.

You don’t want to miss out any opportunities to reach your business target audience. For that you need to choose the right digital marketing tools. If you choose the right tool in right time this helps your business grow no matter in what stage you’re at.

Keyword strategy is, how you target keyword in your content and track result in google analytics for now and future.

What happens if you don’t focus on keyword?

If you miss out any of the marketing tool, your business can take a wrong path which no one wants to happen.

So, keyword research is one of the important tools you can use to know exact what your audience is in search of.

If you want to rule in digital marketing, then you must have a good knowledge on quality keyword.

As you have already read why keyword research, then these are the tools you shouldn’t miss out while searching for quality keyword.

Some of the tools you can use for keywords:

  • Yoast
  • Aherfs
  • UberSuggest
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords

Website Design

Website is virtual existence for any business. It also builds up trust between businesses and consumers. So, having a Website gives consumers a clear idea of what your brand is about and what types of products or services you offer. Years of experience into website design and development we assure you, our web design team will make your website stand unique in front of your competitors.

Most of the consumers are searching online for the best to invest in. If you are thinking of growing a business online then developing a professional website can help your company to grow a lot.

If you have a website that can grabs the attention within few seconds then your business will leave a positive impact. That automatically leads your business to the next level.

Having a professional website of your business/brand is like having as spine for your business. As we know the market competition is getting tough every day.

Why having a website is important?

If you don’t have a website in this modern market place then people may not even know your company and consider you as an option.

Professionalism is another key to convince your consumers to buy your product and that is through owing a website that includes SEO service, that your consumers will easily find your site online.

Having a website makes easy for people to find you, go through what your company has to offer which can ease them to make a decision.

How does it work?

Website will act as the digital face of your business which helps you to build trust with your consumers.

It’s very important to build trust in order to sustain and capture the lead on business.

If you already have a website which is not giving you the result your searching for, maybe it’s old, outdated or of low quality, you cannot compete with that quality of website because competitors will outrank you with a well-designed website and you’ll be at the same position.

Developing a company website/ updating the older version is the most important.

Again, choosing the best agency to build your website is another tough job. But here in Marketdoer we assure to create responsive, unique, attractive, customize website for our clients to improve their online performance. Let’s us help you grow your business.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Long back before the Social Networking sites came into play, email marketing was there as a powerful tool. So it is a big part of our lives as professionals, individuals, and, yes, even consumers. So, there is a high change if you market your product or services through email marketing then your audience might convert into your buyers.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is one section of internet marketing, which is used to promote products and services of your business.

Email marketing is a tool which helps to develop relationships with potential clients and turn into loyal consumers.

What is the importance of Email marketing?

It is inexpensive, easy yet effective way to promote your business in large number of consumers at a short duration of time to the targeted audience.

On the other hand, this method is very easy to work on and easily accessible for any kind of business small or big as it is more effective than social media because email has longer life span then a post in social media.

Email marketing is measurable in compare to other methods because you can easily keep track on how it is performing, and likewise you always have a room to improve the effectiveness of this campaign.

Marketing your products & services through email is best for small business because no matter how tight your budget is you can still make advantages like: increase company revenue, drive more effective traffic to your website, improve brand awareness, improve sales conversions and many more.

Email marketing is a best method mainly to inform clients/ customers about ongoing and future events and get feedback from them so that you can improve likewise in future.

This method is very useful in order to retain customers and build a good relationship which generates more sales.

Does email marketing still work?

Email marketing is one of the oldest and reliable strategy that a business can get benefit, when it is used properly.

Email marketing works effectively if there is a good duration of time for proper email (information about companies).

90% of people uses smartphone so, you need to optimize your email for mobile devices, include videos in your content, make your email shareable and mainly use compelling subject line because people decide on the basis of subject line whether to open email or not.


Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

You may have heard about improve your SEO in website or SEO friendly article for websites or blogs, but what does that actually means.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO you can increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website and give exposer to your business/ product through (non-paid) organic search engine result.

SEO is more about what people are search online, the word’s they’re using for search and the answers they are looking for in a content which you offer online for the solution.

What are the important elements of SEO?

Keyword is the first and foremost element of SEO.

While researching or choosing a keyword related to your business or products, it is important to look for keywords that has high search rates with low competition, short tail keywords, long tail keywords, local keywords in your content. But avoid keyword stuffing.

Content is the main part of SEO because if your content is SEO friendly and has the right/relevant keywords with the answers which has been searched in search engine which is educational, interesting, delightful and shareable for website visitors this can make positive impact on your search ranking.

So, having quality content provides a great experience for the users.

Your website needs to be dynamic or responsive (laptop, tablet, mobile friendly) because the majority of consumers these days uses smart phone to surf the internet to perform the online transactions.

Responsive websites rank higher than static ones.

To have a secured website is crucial these days if you want your website to be ranked higher in search engine.

Not only higher ranking is crucial but having Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate and encryption to make your website safe to use by consumers without any fear of theft, their credit card details and personal information shared to the website specially in e- commerce website.

Sitemap in your content helps google or other search engine to better rank your website and bring more traffic to your website. Sitemap is a place where your individual page of website is placed.

How long does SEO take to work?

Generally, SEO takes 4-6 months to work but the good time frame to see gain through SEO is 12 months. Now you know SEO is not a one-time deal.

SEO requires maintenance and attention for sustainable result.

Sometimes SEO gives immediate results if the content is fresh and better organized. But if you have new website with new domain name and fresh content without any history it will take 6 months of time or may be more for the result.

Website design, baseline traffic, domain age, meta description, geographical location, competition and target market these all are the elements that plays a vital role into how quick your website can gain traffic through SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

In simple words Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the procedure of acquiring the traffic and visibility from SEO unpaid or free traffic and also by SEM buying traffic through paid Ad’s i.e. google’s Adwords program which will display your ad at the top of the google page as search result.

How to use Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Analyze the latest data of your company and create search strategy keeping in mind of long and short terms goals of the company then select the search strategy (SEO/ SEM) that’s best for your company.

Keyword research is another method of using SEM in a profitable way to generate traffic in your website, use different tools for keyword research.

Select the keywords related to your business or product that will be more profitable to your company

SEM works perfectly if your content is rich with the keywords which is best organized with less technologies and the site you register for search engine results.

Inbound Link is a very essential part when it comes to use SEM, which helps in increasing the traffic to the website and improve the search engine ranking. Inbound link are the external domains link guiding to your website.

How SEM is beneficial to your businesses?

Applying this strategy can instantly reach your clients in a short period of time, paid search ads is quicker than the SEO.

It gives Instant Brand Awareness that will have a huge impact on the business’s revenue.

SEM makes your website visible in search engine and reaches to the right people, place and time.

You don’t have to pay a penny until someone clicks on your ad.

Search engine Marketing allows you to reach your target in less time, effort and cost then the traditional route of advertisement.

SEM is the smart way to decrease your expenses in marketing and give you a competitive advantage through SEO and Paid ads in google.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the marketing options available for your businesses, to convert your new clients into customers and keep the cycle continuing with SEM campaigns.

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