How to be more productive at work

how to be more productive at work

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Want to be more productive at work? here are a few ways how to be more productive at work

Nothing kills your productivity at work other than bad habits. So breaking these bad habits are the key to being more productive at work.

The solution does not lie in ingesting more caffeine. Instead, being more productive while at work lies in working smarter, not harder. Essentially, you simply need to make the most of each day.

While it is certainly much easier said than done, getting more done within a short amount of time is still achievable. Well, if you are not sabotaging yourself with bad habits.

Not only do bad habits make you less productive, but they also affect your mood and stifle your performance. Breaking out of your bad habits makes you more productive, and more importantly, provides you with that sense of self-accomplishment.

Bad habits are aplenty, some of which are more harmful than others. Here are 6 bad habits which you definitely have to break to be more productive at work:

1. Impulsive web browsing

Granted that most of us would have access to the internet at work, it is easy to get side-tracked looking up random things that just popped in your head. Several studies have shown that it takes about 15 to 25 minutes to get back into the “flow” after being distracted. Together with the time spent browsing the web to check the news, a soccer game’s score, or whatever else you have, it amounts to quite a fair bit of time without getting any work done.

Instead, write down your thoughts or questions on a notepad. You can then look up the information after you have completed your work.

2. Checking your social media accounts

Most of us would impulsively reach for our phones to scroll through Instagram, watch funny videos on Snapchat or read funny tweets. Sure, it is a welcoming distraction after staring at the computer screen for too long. But when a particularly interesting tweet leads to another and so on, before you know it, an hour would have passed.

Essentially, stop checking your social media accounts every half an hour. The posts and tweets are likely to be the same anyway.

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3. Taking on too many meetings

Meetings gobble up your time like no other. Furthermore, most meetings tend to drag on forever if time permits. Instead, inform everyone at the onset that you intend to keep the meeting to the intended schedule. That way, it sets the expectation for everyone to be more efficient and focus on the key points for the meeting.

4. A messy desk

You might be convincing yourself and perhaps your colleagues that you know exactly where everything is on your desk. However, a messy desk clearly shows your inability to be organized and do things in an efficient manner. Furthermore, you are more likely to end up wasting things searching for even the most basic necessities such as a pen buried under your pile of documents.

5. Keeping your work phone by your bed

The one thing that most people do not realize is impeding their sleep and productivity is keeping your work phone by your bed. With the constant buzzing or vibration, chances are you will be up immediately checking the incoming email or message. Remember that your work phone is simply there for convenience and not the other way round.

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6. Having a junk food lunch

Having a junk food lunch regularly sets you on the path towards an unhealthy lifestyle. Additionally, it impedes your energy level in the afternoon, setting us up for a “food coma” after lunch. Instead of being a post-lunch zombie, eat a healthy meal for lunch. Not only do you get that much-needed energy boost to do work for the afternoon, but it is also definitely beneficial for your health in the long run as well.

While these bad habits may seem minor, they will certainly add up and help you to be more productive at work. It all boils down to your personal choice, between instant gratification or lasting ones. Essentially, making these small changes would set you on track for a more productive lifestyle at work!

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how to be more productive at work

How to be more productive at work

Want to be more productive at work? here are a few ways how to be more productive at work Nothing kills your productivity at work