SEO service in Nepal & its Opportunities for Businesses

SEO service in nepal

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Are you looking for Best SEO Agency in Nepal that provides result drives SEO services?

Well, this article helps you to analyze the business potential of SEO and how it helps small businesses to grow online.

All kinds of businesses can take advantage of Search Engine Optimization.

Creating website for their business reflect the virtual existence of business throughout the world.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to make your website more visible in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO is not a single day task where you can rank your website in 1st page of Google SERP.

Because you have to work continuously in your website to get the better ranking in google, it takes time.

Real-time example of Search Engine Optimization

Let’s discuss the real-time example of SEO.

A lot of people might have heard about, which is a listing website based in Nepal where you can sell your second hand goods.

But what if people don’t know about it?

How are they going to get the services provided by hamrobazaar?

To answer this question let me explain you about the consumer behavior

Suppose I want to buy a second hand laptop in Kathmandu.

What I’ll do is, open google and search for “second hand laptops in Kathmandu”.

second hand


In above picture we can see HAMROBAZAAR is listed in the first position for search query “second hand laptops in Kathmandu”.

That is the power of SEO, it doesn’t matter whether people know about your business(website) or not?

If you do SEO with best practices available anyhow, they are going to land to your website.

For most of the blogs SEO is considered as one of the main sources of traffic.

Some examples of SEO driving traffic to the blogs

Hellomagazine is a very popular online magazine with a domain score of 84 and 18.28 million monthly visitor. if we see the traffic sources for hellomagazine 60.28% of total traffic comes from SEO.

seo service in nepal

Another Example of SEO driving traffic.

Practo is an India-based website where we can buy medicine online and consult with doctor. It has a domain score of 81 and 16.50 million monthly traffic. if we look at the traffic sources 89.28% of total traffic comes from SEO.

seo service in nepal

Why SEO ?

Why SEO if I can display my website in first page of google in an hour with help of google ads?

Google ads demo

Yes, you can display your website in 1st position of google for certain keywords using google ads like above.

but is that cost effective?

A lot of big and small companies have started to spend a certain amount of their budget for SEO because of the cost.

Basically google ads works in PPC(Pay Per Click) model, in which advertisers have to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

Let’s say you pay google $100 for google ads to display your website in 1st position for 30 visitors.

If we calculate the amount for per visitor its $3.33.

Assume we target 1000 visitor in a year so we have to pay 1000*$3.33 = $3330.

Just for 1000 visitor to our site we have to pay $3300 to google ads.

But what if we invested in SEO?

With help of SEO you can rank your website in 1st position of google with no restriction for number of visitors per day. That means unlimited visitor can visit your website for $0.

Yes, that’s right, for $0.

All you have to do is, hire a good SEO agency for yearly charges very less compared to google ads and they will do the job for you.

SEO service in Nepal and Its opportunities for businesses?

As you have got more of the ideas from the above statements, that there are tons of opportunities through SEO service in Nepal for all kinds of businesses.

SEO helps better  ranking in google which floods your website with good amount of organic traffic, landing to your website.

Almost any kind of business can have their own website, including businesses like Dental clinic, Gym, School/College, Spa, Baby clinic, Law firm and many more.

Case study of Dental clinic in kathmandu that are using SEO to grow their Business

let’s say i need to book dental appoinment with one of the best dental clinic in kathmandu.I’ll go to google and search for “best dental in kathmandu”.

best dental in kathmandu

When i searched for “best dental in kathmandu” google will show me these result.

Now lets check the click through rates (estimates).

click through rates estimates

Now 31% of total people who search for “best dental in kathmandu” is more likely to visit website that is ranking in the first position.

So Think wisely and spend your earning in appropriate way and let us help you to grow your business online.

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